Marko Grabež (guitar, vocal)
Ivana Miljković  (synth, vocal)
Emilija Đorđević (bass, vocal)
Ivan Pavlović Gizmo (drums, samples)

KOIKOI are a genre-fluid, ass-moving and mood-swinging indie rock band from Belgrade, Serbia that quickly became one of the hottest new names on the ex Yugoslavian indie scene.  With their wonderful first album ‘Pozivi u stanu’ (Moonlee Records, 2021) and energetic concerts they are quickly gaining a fan base at the crossroads between the glamour of mainstream and the intimacy of the underground. 

KOIKOI are making a name for themselves with a modern trans-genre expression based on indigenous musical heritage, contemporary Western trends and folk traditions. Their music brings an attractive form of a different kind of pop, which can be silky pleasant or playfully noisy, radio sensitive and with all the power of rock music, but always wrapped in a veil of hypnotic Balkan melodics, an intertwinement of ecstasy and nostalgia. They are also characterised by the zealous male-female vocal arrangements with a unique sex appeal which brings together their musical expression.

In the last two years KOIKOI have conquered the most important festivals in ex-Yugoslavian territory (Exit, INmusic, Arsenal, MENT) and performed at various festivals around Europe (Eurosonic, Tallinn Music Week, Peel Slowly And See, PIN Conference Skopje, Sharpe Bratislava) and their performances were very well accepted  by the critics. KOIKOI have also been nominated for the  Music Moves Europe Awards in 2023, awarded by the ESNS festival.

KOIKOI is a pearl for all of you that have known now for a long time, that progressive pop is the new punk.

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