Photo by Goran Jevtić @Sajeta

The group started its activity in 2008 as a trio (flute, bass clarinet and cello); one year later the first CD by Palomar Records was published; gradually, starting from the idea of the rotation of musician’s roles and hierarchies during performances, an original sound has been reached.
The quintet version is newly formed and performs some compositions by Giovanni Maier.
Their special project about labour was premiered at the club “il Carso in Corso” in Monfalcone on the 30th of april 2015 (Labour Day Eve) and was commissioned to Giovanni Maier by “Nuovo Corso” Association, which produced the album; it includes some original compositions that have been coupled with some matching riffs. The thread that has been chosen to represent the idea of labour is rhythm, that has always distinguished human working activities; especially in ancestral societies, music and its rhythm were essential to coordinate working movements.
Performances of Kača, Sraka in Lev represent the evolution of the “rhythm of labour” from an ideal uncontaminated society, where the pulse was maybe more respectful of human needs, to nowadays, where everything has become faster and inhuman; and in which often, unfortunately, there is no labour….