The Circolo Arci Hybrida cultural society based in the Italian town of Tarcento near Udine has been organizing and promoting events and concerts for 11 years, mostly alternative, improvisational and contemporary avant-garde music.

Since 2007, they have been organizing various light performances through various media: projectors and slides, computers, video projectors, DIY gadgets and also techniques used in the 60’s. Their performances were hosted at many festivals: such as Udin & Jazz (“The Old New Thing”, 2008), Il Suono di Pan (“Gods”, 2010), project “In The Box” realized as “Eventopalazzo” in Gorizia with the DobiaLab association in 2011.

In these light-video performances, they try to find the perfect interaction with space where the event is hosted. We could therefore label their production as improvisational or expanded cinema. With their rich and wide collection of visual tools the Hybrida group strives to catch the public’s manifold sensory experiences and stimulate them to produce active seeing which can enable someone to achieve “clear and bright dreams”. In any case, the natural beauties of Sotočje will present a true challenge to the Hybrida team to create for us the unthinkable bursts of our experience by uniting the world of music and video-light effects.


FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/hybridaspace/