HuxDexAA (Slo)

HuxDexAA is an audio performance entity, a topology of the knot – the voice and sound. On the one hand, the voice as an intangible and acousmatic entity one cannot put a finger on, a voice one can not ascribe to neither language nor the body. On the other hand, the sound as a crackle, noise, a gash in the sonic realm, feral and unpredictable and produced from non-organic forms of materiality. /…HuxDexAA/. Sonority, originating from two sources, which im-/expresses its presence through the ‘organicity’ of the voice and non-organic features of the technical artifact. What is produced as a voice and sound, despite its strong ties to the material medium, ‘summons’ the object-voice – attached to the materiality that never fully coincides with it. Thus, sonority both brings forth and obscures the object of the voice/sound – it disguises its aphonic nature. It is here, in this dichotomy, that we witness the emergence of the word/silence and voice/non-sound. …AA