Hobocombo are Andrea Belfi (drums, percussions, vocals), Rocco Marci (guitars, synth, vocals) and Francesco Baccolini (bass, vocals). The band endeavours to reinterpret the works of American avant-garde composer and musician Louis Thomas Hardin a.k.a. Moondog. Hobocombo takes his original compositions, full of unusual rhythmic patterns and canonical forms, and transforms their sound image through diverse influences ranging from Italian folk tradition (folk music from Sardinia), rock, jazz and all the way to the contemporary improvisation. All the above gives birth to meticulously arranged compositions with a touch of contemporary psychedelic music which adds a hypnotic flavour to the music of this trio.

Francesca Baccolini | vocals, upright bass
Andrea Belfi | drums, percussions, vocals
Rocco Marchi | electric guitars, korg ms-10, vocals

WEB: Homocombo

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/hobocombofan/info