Solomovie // “Francesco Cusa plays Buster Keaton

A multilateral artist, drummer, composer, writer, publicist, poet, promoter of improvised and avant-garde music Francesco Cus can boast of a breathtaking list of collaborations, numerous projects, group and solo performances. The tireless enthusiast is a longtime friend Sajeta and another resident, without which it would be difficult to imagine marking the jubilee twenty creative camp. This time comes with Solomovie soloist musical and film project, the new original soundtrack for the Bustier Keaton’s “Sherlock Jr.” film – we are emphasizing the new ones, since Francesca Cuso was caught in the early 2000s with the musical accompaniment of this film masterpiece from 1924. With the new audio remix composition, composed of several short songs from various albums, Francesco Cus wants to emphasize the dynamism and onomatopoetics of Keaton comedy, and through music show deep respect for the incredible rhythm of this film.

Francesco Cusa – drums, composition, live electronics

WEB: Francesco Cusa