The French producer and musician started out in the ’90s with folk rockers The Married Monk, before going on to assist fellow folkies in the studio as an engineer and working on his own new projects. One of these is the Krautrock-infused electro-disco outfit Zombie Zombie with Neman Herman Düne, but the sprinkling of Jaumet’s solo productions that have seen the light of day so far have also garnered attention from more experimental DJs looking for mind-boggling sounds to slot into their sets.
Since the release of “Night Music” in 2009, Etienne Jaumet has been a busy man. He’s been doing a lot of collabs (Joakim, Richard Pinhas, Francois & The Atlas Mountain) and released one album and a movie original soundtrack with his alter ego Zombie Zombie. So it was the time for him to return to his synths, his sax and his beloved TR808 for a new solo album. “La Visite” had been recorded in two months at the Versatile studio. It’s a more introvert, a more glowing work than Night Music, maybe a little more jazzy too, his saxophone lines being added on many tracks of the album. It’s also leaning further towards dance music; Jaumet’s experimenting with DJing lately could be the reason for that.

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