Esoteric Oil Lamp is a free and open jazz quartet from Kragujevac, which creates music on-site. It is guided by the spirit of the moment and the space in which they find themselves. Saksofonist Vojislav Savkov, drummer Aleksandar Skoric, bassist Marko Curcic and keyboardist Aca Pejcic are active in numerous and various musical ensembles, together they form a musical quartet that uses its bodies as vehicles for the transfer of essential cosmic energy through the spirit in the frequency spectrum of the world and with the esoteric fuel a bright dark society around you. They believe that all is one and the same thing, it does not matter, but this is called life, music, spirit … and, last but not least, jazz. An important moment is here and now, the perfect focus on yourself and on everything around you when the Esoteric Oil Lamp compilation and improvisation streams into sound.

Vojislav Savkov – saxophone
Marko Ćurčić – bass
Aleksandar Skoric – drums
Aca Pejčić – keyboards, kaval, saxophone