The Drašler/Karlovčec/Drašler trio is a project by three improvisers active also in the wider Slovenian underground improvisational, jazz, rock, noise and experimental music scene. The trio combines the elements of free improvisation and free jazz while developing its own musical expression during numerous life performances.

In the words of Luka Zagoričnik (a Radio Student journalist):
“With yesterday’s Karlovčec-Drašler Trio concert at the Bizzarnica pri Mariči club, Slovenian jazz has finally developed a complete image with this meticulously structured, lyrically rich, improvisational bursting and energetic expression of free jazz…”
“This concert was of one the strongest Slovenian free jazz performances and one of the best gigs lately.”

About their performance at the international Cerkno Jazz festival, Ičo Vidmar (journalist for Dnevnik) has written:
„If I remember correctly, this is the first Slovenian, to put it roughly, free jazz lineup that had a confident and down to earth performance at the renowned international Slovenian jazz festival. I would not dare to imagine anything similar twenty or thirty years ago in spite of creations by certain talented and provocative individuals.

Marko Karlovčec (saxophone, no-input mixer, guitars) focuses on discovering free jazz heritage, contemporary improvisation, noise, post-black-doom-drone-metal and avant-garde music. He contributes regularly to the Slovenian improvisational, alternative and underground scene. His projects include a duo with a violin player Ana Kravanja (album release: “Vraščanje/Ingrowth”) and a trio with Jošt and Vid Drašler (upright bass and drums). He often performs as a solo artist and on various ad hoc occasions. Following the DIY principle, his records (among those his four solo albums) are released within his own record label “Botanic records”. He has played in concerts and festivals in Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic with various artists such as Tomaž Grom, Seijiro Murayama, Irena Tomažin, N’toko, Sabir Mateen, Okkyung Lee, Virginia Genta, David Vanzan, Lawrence Williams, Artur Majevski, Ana Kravanja, Andrej Fon, Jošt and Vid Drašler, Neža Naglič, Samo Kutin, Jaka Berger, duo Mimesys, the Italian-Slovenian No Borders Orchestra etc. He participated at the international EarZoom sonic arts festival, the international Sound Disobedience improvisation festival, Brda Contemporary Music Festival and at the Neforma music/dance improvisation series held by Sploh Institute at the Španski Borci cultural center.

A part from musicology, Jošt Drašler has also studied upright bass in Klagenfurt conservatory of music with Prof. Uli Langhthaler. He is currently working as a bass guitar teacher at B.A.S.E. Music School in Ljubljana and plays in several groups of various genres (jazz, free improvisation, free jazz, popular music, rock, fusion, flamenco etc.). He performed and recorded with artists such as Evan Parker, Salvatore Maior, Johannes Bauer, Herb Robertson, Sabir Mateen, Javier Girotto, Daniele Dagaro, Alexander Balanescu, Martin Kuchen, Giovanni Maier, Eduardo Raon, Massimo de Mattia, Bruno Ceselli, Petr Zelenka, Rodrigo Parejo, Mary Šerifović, Goce Dimovski and others. As from 2010, he has focused on contemporary music which can is reflected in his live efforts.

Drummer Vid Drašler has finished a four-year musical training at Zlatko Kaučič, a world-renowned Slovenian drummer. He plays in several diverse projects. His musical interests are wide: from rock and jazz to improvisation. Lately he has been also participating in some notable theater shows.

Jošt Drašler – upright bass
Marko Karlovčec – saxophone
Vid Drašler – drums

BLOG: http://botanic-records.blogspot.com/