The children of Podgurje, mystical lands in the city of Novo mesto under Gorjanci, where they saw shrubs and where people like to say that they are forest animals, are not local patriots. Brgs and Nac are a cosmopolitan, a citizen of the world. The former, as a drummer, has appeared in various Freezing projects, free improvisation and various other groups, while the other is known as Electroproduction Chromosome. In the jungle of Darla Smoking, tradition and modernity, past and present come together. Tandem with deep respect for the treasures of treasuries of the neglected peoples of the world and from their musical legacies cleans forgotten and neglected poems which give fresh, fresh blood through their sound-musical vocation. The electro-manipulation and unwanted live drumming cycle transforms them, gives them new content and new life, and sharpens their message. Following the breakthrough debut of Big Bug in 2017, which has been dubbed by the Dubovsko smoked smoke, the Pass The Bless record was released this year, which was created in collaboration with the Austrian publisher Well Gedacht, or with its chosen clients, rapper musicians and producers, and rhymes and ritem The Middle East, even further emphasized, the breadth of the freedom of expression of the tandem Darla Smoking, which is far from being said the last.

Brgs – drums
Nec – electronics

WEB: Darla Smoking