Damir Avdić a.k.a. Diplomac, Bosanski Psiho, is a person of multiple roles: a singer, poet, guitarist, band, singer-songwriter or anti–singer-songwriter, actor, writer, and thinker. Everything he does comes straight from his heart. And a sober head. He always strikes straight at the heart of the problem. Many are irritated and enraged by his moves. Again and again he unravels the banality of our cruel everyday life. He is an artist of words, words with the sharpness of a razor’s edge, straightforward as a shot in the head, but honest and from the heart. Without compromise or illusions, he puzzles the angry punks and stoned hip/hop fans, he stirs a thoughtful intellectual from the bar, and shuts the mouth of the most ruthless loudmouth. His word is tough, tight and bold. Truth hurts and Diplomatz a.k.a. Damir Avdić unveils it as it is, raw and merciless. His words are accompanied by a psychotic, vampire look in his eyes while he cuts through with a strong guitar riff picked up at the school of hardcore rather than in the singer-songwriter club. He was absent for a long time from Tolmin, where he revealed himself to the Slovenian public some ten years ago. And he is back when most needed. To celebrate the Sajeta’s anniversary!

BANDCAMP: http://damiravdic.bandcamp.com/