CRISTIAN VOGEL live mix (Ger)

Cristian Vogel is a composer, producer and a theoretician of music. He is world-known mostly for his DJ acts. He is also composing music for films and various shows but still spends most of the time as a producer in studios
Born in Chile in 1972, Cristian spent his childhood in Great Britain and now lives in Berlin and Geneva. During his more than twenty years as a musician, he has established himself as one of the leading names in electronic music due to his technical innovations in composition, performances and mixing in the field of electronic music. His works are noted for their quality and an excellent sense for even the smallest details. He earned great recognition for his purposeful decision to bring back the “minimal” and “wonky” techno styles as produced in mid 90’s. On the other side, Cristian’s arhythmic or rather avant-garde compositions for films (ENTER THE VOID; dir. Gaspar Noe, 2009), dance (BLACK SWAN; chor. Gilles Jobin) and various sound art projects are gaining attention. For others he is mostly praised for his work as a “producer for producers”. He mixed various artists: Radiohead (“Hail to the Thief”, 2003), Maximo Park, Thom York (“The Eraser rmxs”, 2008) and other talented upcoming names which turned to Cristian for his producer skills. Not long ago, a music blogger and critic Philip Sherburne wrote about the 2012 album »Deconstructructions«:
“The ashen chords of Deconstructructions might sound familiar from scads of dusky techno releases, but the timbres Vogel achieves, not to mention the yawning sense of space, are miles beyond the work of his contemporaries. His palette is unusually dynamic and unusually interconnected: it’s difficult to tell where a given sound begins and ends. Instead, scrapes and plucks and thumps and twangs fuse into something at once hard and hazy, a rippling continuum perpetually reassembling itself in mid-air.” (by Philip Sherbourne, The Inertials; 2012).
As a musician and songwriter he founded a duet »Super Collider« with Jamie Lidelli and a solo project »Night of the Brain«.
Recent musical and music-related activities (seminars, presentations, interventions):
– Music Research Colloquia, Oxford University (2012)
– RedBull Music Academy (2001/2010/2011)
– Kyma International Sound Symposium (2009/2010/2011)
– Sound and Music Computing Conference (Barcelona 2010)
Workshops and symposiums
– The 1st Kyma International Sound Symposium (Barcelona, 2009)
– Dialog: Sound and Movement (GVA Sessions, Geneva, 2011)
– LiveConnections Workshop (Electron Festival, Geneva, 2011)
– Club Glop (Wine tasting and music events, Barcelona, 2009)
At this year’s Sajeta, Cristian will prepare a DJ-mix based on experimental electronic music, mostly techno from his rich vinyl collections. He will embellish everything with his exclusive sound excerpts and his own compositions from his digital archive.
Discography and other works:

Cristian Vogel: gramophones, mixer, laptop, effects