Clockwork Voltage – 08080 (Slo)

Jure Anžiček (08080) is a sound designer and producer active in different experimental music projects (Ansambel PRSA, collaboration with Alastair McNeill). In his solo work, he uses improvisation on modular synthesizers to create distorted, abrasive, and astringent sounds that border on techno and noise. The sound explorer put out his experimental beats on the label Kamizdat in the form of an EP Astro Disco.

Clockwork Voltage is a Slovenian community for music enthusiasts of modular synthesizers,  who diligently tweak around in the shelters of their home studios and practice oscillating in everyday life. From well-known to unknown creators on Slovenian soil, the wealth of their expressions is as limitless as the possibilities offered by synthesizers. In 2022, the platform presented the compilation Happy Little Voltages, the first Slovenian release of current production with modular synthesizers, in which 17 domestic producers are participating.