CANZONE DISTORTE / live electro-acoustic performance / music theatre (Srb)

An electro-acoustic music theatre project „Canzone distorte” is the outcome of cooperation between two young Serbian composers Anja Djordjević and Svetlana Maraš. This live performance is the aftermath of a radio play bearing the same title that was commissioned by Radio Belgrade. With this same work of art they have represented Serbia at the “Art’s birthday celebration” festival held by EBU Ars Acoustica Group. In 2012, they were awarded the Vitomir Bogić prize by the Radio Belgrade theatre department for the best radio composition.
The project „Canzone distorte” is a symbiosis of different genres and radio play techniques, contemporary composition trends, popular music, live electronics and improvisation. Their language draws inspiration mostly from contemporary electronic music intertwined with a predominant theatre note. We can expect a myriad of sounds created on stage; sung words and perhaps melodies of a well known opera piece as well as noises of a plastic bag recorded live, processed, and then finally incorporated into a sound sample loop. Their performance will also include some prerecorded sounds which were created for this project. The vocal parts (singing, declamations) will create a narrative sequence counterbalanced by a subject composed of various fragments in the field of sound poetry and vocal improvisation. The final effect of this show will be an illusion of listening to film music of a non-existent, imaginary film which requires no visual perspectives but only ears.
The key point distinguishing the radio play from its live version is the theatrical element. This is the consequence of numerous performative activities on stage: from simultaneous projections with directed cameras to feedback from microphones set in different ways. This way the performance enhances the openness of its form because it includes the listener’s acoustic coexistence-in-the-space. This becomes a vital part of the work itself which cannot achieve the same esthetic value without it.

– Svetlana Maraš: live electronics, live laptop, sound tools/devices
– Anja Djordjević: live electronics, sound tools/devices, sampler, vocals

WEB: Canzone Distorte