Boštjan Perovšek is a musician, composer and sound designer. It devotes itself to the composition of experimental and electro-acoustic music. Play with SAETA and perform independently. He creates music for film, theater, performances and multimedia installations, acts as a film and video sound designer, and his specialty is the creation of bioacoustic music based on the sounds of animals, especially insects, and is an interdisciplinary science that combines biology and acoustics and studies production, dissemination and perception of the sounds of living beings. At the sounds of nature, buzzing, buzzing, sizzling, cracking, hissing and choking on insects, worms, brams, crickets, marshes, locusts, cicadas, mosquitoes, waving and whistling, grunting and singing birds into their compositions also includes environmental sounds and urban noise . His rich opus of bioacoustics and collaborations with scientists, e.g. with Biology Bioacoustics from the Natural History Museum of Slovenia, was crowned with a vinyl record “Bio, Industrial Acoustica (green)” in 2013. At the jubilee twentieth Sajeta, he will present himself in a duet with a young German drummer and percussionist Emil Gross, who has lived and worked between Berlin and Vienna for the last few years.

Boštjan Perovšek – computer, sound environment, electronics live (computer, soundscapes, live electronics)
Emil Gross – drums, percussion, electronics (drums, percussion, electronics)

WEB: Boštjan Perovšek

WEB: Emil Gross