The beginnings of Borghesia can be traced back to the days of the student theatre group FV 112/15, founded in 1979. Apart from theatre, the FV 112/15 group has also dealt with video-art and photography. In 1981, they took over Disko Student, renamed it to Disko FV and reoriented its programme to punk and alternative music. In 1983, Borghesia started as the musical section of the FV. Its first line-up was Aldo Ivančič, Zemira Alajbegović, Neven Korda and Dario Seraval. For some time they even played with Iztok Turk (member of the groups Otroci socializma and Videosex). Later most of the members went their separate ways while Borghesia was left only with Ivančič and Seraval. In the same year, they released their debut and performed at the Novi Rock festival in Ljubljana. Their music and performance received attention by foreign record labels and promoters which was the beginning of Borghesia’s presence outside Slovenia (they’ve released for the Italian label Attack Records, the Belgian Play it Again Sam and the American label Wax Trax). The group gained prominence throughout Europe, mostly in underground body electric scene, and performed in most of the European capitals. After 1991, Borghesia went through some line-up changes. Borghesia is the only Slovenian band, along with Laibach, that has gained world-wide recognition and was shaping the world music scene.

This year we are experiencing Borghesia’s reunion and after their world premiere in Leipzig, the show at Sajeta will be the first Slovenian appearance in support of their recently released album »And Man Created God«.