Bersarin Quartett is a sound researcher Thomas Bücker’s project. He had previously worked under the name of Jean-Michel. Throughout his entire artistic career, he is driven by experimentation and exploration of electronic sound, which is as a way of expressing his own definition of modern club electronic music. In 2008, Bersarin Quartett released a debut album that represents a deviation from what he created as Jean-Michel. Expressive momentum is directed more to the emotional experience of music and the search of ambient sound perfection. The next album Bersarin Quartett – named simply ‘II’ (2012), was highly acclaimed in professional circles and was labelled a masterpiece of ambient music. On the last album (“III”) he went a step further in the search of sound perfection, it features quite meditative and minimalist lines with a strong melancholic atmosphere. Creation is best to be listened to on cinema surround sound system in complete darkness, that is allowing the perfect sound experience of Bersarin Quartett.
Bersarin Quartett will perform at the 18th Sajeta for the first time in Slovenia on Thursday, 6 July, in local cinema – Kinogledališče Tolmin.