Our creative camp is difficult to imagine without Ana Kravanje and Samot Kutin, without their own hand-made instruments and traditional musical instruments from all around the world, which every time enchant the sound landscape at the confluence. With a regular presence, with concerts and concerts in various compositions such as Salamandra Salamandra, Charangi, Najou, Olfamoštvo, Širi and a traditional music workshop for children, they became a resident of the Republic of Sajeta. Therefore, at the jubilee camp, there will be no shortage of the challenging improviser and multi-instrumentalist who, along with a long list of collaborations and various projects, also create music for stories, performances and films, and have a rich creative way ahead. With all the luggage of experiences and knowledge, musical instruments and sounds, they return to the camp to explore new old sounds. Indulge yourself with the adventures of spontaneous composition of sounds and the creation of sympathy, cordiality and gentleness, and travel on the wings of free improvisation into the world of folk planetaryism. Let your time stop between ancient times and the future.

Ana Kravanja: violin, viola, ribab, voice
Only Kutin – kalimbe, hurdy gurdy, begena, sound, voice