Photo by Goran Jevtić @Sajeta

Although only existing a few years, Aikula has a history going back 10 years when Zoran (singer) re-formed the legendary ‘The System’ in a full line-up band with his friends Jan Pivk -guitars, Rok Kovačič Fish -drums and Jernej Kobal -bass (the first version of ‘The System’ was a 3 people balkan-noise project). After few cd releases (Limbabwe records), gigs, break ups and re-joining The System definitely vanished. But being early schoolmates….’blood will tell’, and soon the ‘clan’ found themselves back in the rehearsing space joined by Tilen Božič taking over the bass from Jernej who enriched the band’s sound with his self-made instrument named ‘Two Headed Hydra’. Together they jam old tunes in new versions and creating new songs, Aikula is born! After a few try-out concerts Aikula now grows out to be the surprise of Slovenian stages and beyond performing several European capitals (Brussels/Berlin/….) Aikula expresses the ‘sound of the Balkan border’. 70ties style underground rock with raucous vocals and roots influences.