A//O (SRB)

A//O (atom/output) is a project of Serbian-born sound artist. Its focus lies in the domain of improvisatory live performance. The driving force behind this project is exploring the different possibilities within a (non)specified genre and incorporating a freeform spirit in the acts of both composing and performing. With noted performances he began to slowly attract a wider recognition performing at Exit Festival and various clubs across Balkans. Apart from playing his technoid sets live, he focuses on creating and self-releasing his own original music via small hand-numbered tapes. With recent detours into less crowd-pleasing interventions (sound installations for some architectural exhibitions, collaboration with visual artists etc.), A//O is expanding into uncharted territories of both entertainment and fine art.

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/atomoutput/

BANDCAMP: http://www.atom-output.bandcamp.com/