Sajeta camping

  • You can stay at our camping site beneath the trees next to the festival area, 1km outside Tolmin.
  • Camping is possible from Tuesday 5. 7. 2022 9AM to Monday 11. 7. 2022 9AM
  • The prizes for Sajeta XXIII will be published soon.
  • Camp offers you showers with hot water, toalets, washing area, drinking water
  • Pets are aloud if kept on the lish. Make sure to clean up after them.
  • Thrash bins will be placed all over camping area. Please be respectful and pick your trash. Leave the place as it was at your arrival.
  • The parking in camping area will not be aloud. you can leave your car at designated parking at the entrance.
  • Same goes for campers.
  • At the registration you will get a sign, wich you put on your tent. All tents are required to have one, on visible place. 
  • Use of camping sites is aloud for the camp guests only. Whitout the designated wrist band you will not be aloud in the camp.
  • Open fire is forbidden.
  • We don’t take responsability for your belongins.
  • For any information please use this contact:

Other accommodation possibilities

For those of you that don’t wish to camp outside, you can use various private rooms or apartments in Tolmin and its vicinity. All the information you need is available here: