The Right Man for Capitalism, documentary

Written and directed by: Dušan Moravec
Director of Photography: Matjaž Mrak
Edited by: Jurij Moškon
Graphic design: Ajdin Bašić
Sound design: Boštjan Kačičnik

The documentary film The Right Man for Capitalism, directed by Dušan Moravec, tells the story of Damir Avdić, the Bosnian musician, poet, and writer from Tuzla, who has been living in Slovenia for the past several years and got married here as well. The film is a journey through his books, musical shows, a theatre performance and his life. The camera is only there to capture the events, his world speaks for itself.

His viewpoints are unveiled through the lyrics and his novels, and through conversations with other people. The film shows us Damir Avdić while on stage in Slovenia and other cities in ex-Yugoslavia. There is nobody else on stage but he himself, his guitar and his voice. He sings about the war and its consequences, about capitalism, about love. The documentary film The Right Man for Capitalism is a film about all of us and for all of us, to deal with our past in order to look ahead. To be able to explain the atrocities of war and to understand the world we live in.