“The Earth’s clairvoyance is flowing into coincidences” Shushy; Belatehnika & Beladona

Spatial layout – the installation

For many years the author has been collecting remnants of industrial design and natural goods that come from different parts of the planet. The items are connected by shades of the same color (white) and different time dimensions. The selected pieces are made of miniature sculptures featured with fine details. In combination with natural materials, they may seem like a coincidence of time and space. The objects of industrial design vary according to the year of design and style of the designer. Today, as a result of closing production or the change in the design, some of them have the ethnographic value.

The layout is accompanied by the sound of birds singing from the Soča Valley.

The term white technique/goods appear in our consciousness as an expression for household appliances. With its occurrence, there has been an increasing alienation of man from nature and consequences in the environment.

Belladonna is a plant that, in the past, has been used in both, religious rituals and love potions, while witches have prepared their magical mixtures from it. Its application is now prohibited since it shakes the human spirit so much, it faces itself again.

Dušan Šuštaršič