Lecture: ”Past and recent experiments in analog audiovisual art”- Alberto Novello

Considering the axis of Sajeta Festival this year, oriented towards modular synthesizers, and the recent increasing interest in analog video art, I will talk about the analog audiovisual experiments that started in the 60s and 70s by illustrious examples such as Steve Rutt, Bill Etra, Nam june Paik, to name a few, and continuing nowadays with contributions by Derek Holzer, Philip Baljeu, and me. I find this line of research extremely interesting and actual both for the re-adaptation of otherwise-forgotten early video synthesis techniques and instrumentation, and for the beautiful “liquid” visual results typical of analog signal manipulation which clearly differentiates form the digital aesthetics of the last 20 years.
Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN is an Italian scientist, composer, multimedia artist. His main artistic focus is directed towards the creation of probabilistic multi-media architectures, on the technological limit between instability and error, failure and expression. Lately, he moved from digital systems to analog found or decontextualized electronic ensembles. He holds a full professor position at the Conservatory of Padua in Electronic Music and Multimedia.