About us

Sajeta Art&Music Festival is a place of encounter for various artistic practices and experiences with music as its central component. When preparing the festival program, we take the less-trodden paths toward the less-known musical worlds and strive to surpass the genre-related limitations. We try to put the Slovene and foreign productions of the underground musical practices side by side. The Sajeta stages thus welcome diverse musical genres such as electronic music, jazz, rock, ethnic, or classical with experimentation and creativity at their core. Although music presents a large part of the program, the spectrum of artistic forms at the festival is broader: film, multimedia, poetry, sculpture, performances, dance, and graphics among others have their place at the festival. By deviating from the typical festival outline, Sajeta comes with a rather special character; each year with its carefully selected program of all styles and genres it endeavors to satisfy its curious visitors and tries to create a harbor of creativity and diversity in the specific natural setting.